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You’re a singer / rapper by night (or in the shower) and you’re also a working Joe or Joanna 9-5pm in your common job. You’ve thought, how do I make my work fam jealous? The money is saved, you have a well lit mastered track ready to show off? BUT you don’t have the skills to pull off your own high end production?

From £499, we can help you, the artist, achieve that dream of high quality production realness.

Finding Budget Music Videos is easy, we are literally a google search word, you can’t miss us. We mostly operate in London and the whole of Ireland however we can beyond that depending on your budget. The first thing you’ll see is the amount of services that we provide: online courses; stock videos; instant quote calculator; video marketing and of course video production.

There are a couple of ways you can figure which price package is for you. You can look at our prices pages and see which one fits your vibe and also see examples of the same price.

OR you can use our instant quote calculator and make a bespoke price to fit you perfectly!

Are you still concerned about your budget? No worries give us a call or an email, and we will get you sorted.

Now, we have the price agreed and you’re happy with the plan. Pay the invoice either in full or in installments* to get a start on your production.

The production date is set, you have what you need: director, camera operator, location; models (if needed) and any other miscellaneous options you require for your production. Rock up and bring your A game. We are all trying our best to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing rules, masks and disinfectant, to make our productions a safe environment for everyone. Never worry, Budget Music Video Ltd have got COVID-19 productions down to a T!

Now the waiting begins, depending on the agreed editing time with us, please be patient whilst we edit your music video. Give us your amendments and FINALLY you will get your music video.

Now to share with the world, they are waiting.

*Installments can only come from residents within the UK, and must be between £100 – £800

Check out our music video production process video:


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