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Are you trying to break into the music industry? In that case, having a music video to accompany your songs is vital. 


This is because the music video is the number 1 marketing tool for any artist/musician. However, if you are just starting out or if this is your first music video, then of course your burning question is going to be, “how much is this going to cost?”


How Much Does it Cost to Shoot a Music Video on Your Own? 


The truth is, it’s very hard to break down the costs for music video production because every music video production varies so much. However, just so you are aware of rough estimates and where your money will be allocated, we have done our best to provide this rough guide below. 


These figures are based on the Broadcast & Entertainment Union (BECTU).  


  • Actors: £350-500
  • Director: £600
  • Producer: £450
  • Cameraman: £500 
  • Motion Graphics: £600
  • VO Artist: £375
  • Production Assistant: £275
  • Editor: £700 
  • Studio Hire: £2000
  • Lighting and gaffer: £1000
  • Hair & Makeup: £300
  • Costumes: £500


Totalling, roughly £8,000 for the complete music video production. It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of these positions are held by freelancers. Which can make things more expensive as you are paying for more than just the person, you are also paying for their equipment and years of experience. 


How Much Does A Music Video Cost from Budget Music Videos? 


At Budget Music Videos we can not only cut costs enormously but we can also take all of the stress and hassle out of sourcing all the necessary people and elements it takes to piece a music video together by providing you the complete package in 3 different formats depending on your personal budget. 


Stock Music Videos from £99 

  • Lease a 4min Music Video 
  • Royalty Free 
  • Search our database for different genres 
  • Edit for free, using our editing software 
  • Download in minutes 


Exclusive Stock Music Videos from £499

  • Own exclusively a 4min Music Video 
  • Royalty Free 
  • Search our database for different styles to suit your unique self
  • Edit for free using our editing software 
  • Download in minutes 


Bespoke Music Video Production from £999 

  • Star in your own music video 
  • Planning, filming and editing all included 
  • We will script and create a unique concept 
  • 4K filming and Industry standard quality 
  • Only Available in UK & Ireland 


There are a few different ways to determine which package is best for you. You can check out our prices to discover which one fits your needs the best.

OR you can use our instant quote calculator and make a bespoke price to fit you perfectly.

If you are still apprehensive about your budget, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss your particular needs. We will always do our best to help accommodate. 

Our stock music videos can all be purchased quickly and easily online through our website and our bespoke music videos can be invoiced easily and paid using online banking, paypal or credit card. 

Now you’ve just got to sit back, relax and let us edit your perfect music video together!


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