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Over the course of Budget Music Video, we have been honoured to work with some very talented people that are just starting on their journey, those looking for high quality music videos at the fraction of the price. It can be difficult for newbies to figure out the fast paced landscape that is the music video industry, working out how much a music video will cost.
When you search online, you may come across a lot of contradicting information and few numbers. It’s strange since it’s actually quite straightforward.

The budget comes first, and the idea is based on the budget. Big record labels do it, and there’s no reason why unsigned acts can’t do it as well.

Record labels do it because they need to provide resources for a band’s/promotion songs before even considering the proposal. These will be dependent on a variety of factors, including the band’s or song’s reach, bankability, fan base, and even the amount of money left in the budget.

They also understand that filming music videos is fun. They know that directors enjoy making them, and that production firms appreciate the prestige that comes with having a good music video in their portfolio.

Music videos, more than the often constrained Ad industry, allow filmmakers to extend their creative wings and really show off what they can do. The system is so stacked in favour of musicians that after deciding on a budget, they can ask many directors to “pitch” an idea and then pick their favourite! This, of course, is contingent on the filmmaker loving the music and wanting to collaborate with you. However, it’s not an awful situation to be in.

Let’s speak about the cost of music video production. They can cost anywhere from £500 to tens of thousands of pounds and at budget music videos, at Budget Music Videos, we have everything from stock music videos, exclusive stock videos that you will own the rights to, as well as our bespoke music video production offerings.

The majority of mainstream videos will cost between £15,000 and £50,000. (with the likes of Beyonce and Rhianna being the exception to this bracket). The cost is determined by all of the factors listed, and the video’s concept will be represented in the budget. That’s all there is to it.

For unsigned bands, the challenge is finding skilled filmmakers willing to shoot a video for £500. It’s extremely difficult, but if the music appeals to them and you allow them a lot of creative leeways, you could have a chance, that is the premise that Budget Music Videos is built on, to allow everyone access to the perfect video compliment to their voice, their passion, their song.

Thankfully, this is a platform that you can flourish on, you can be brilliant with us, you can shine with us, no matter your level. Stock music videos to begin, bespoke music video production for the future. A music video company that you can grow with.

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