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Music Video Production London wide is not exactly a hard service to come across, we understand that wholeheartedly. What we offer however is hard to come by, we offer budget music videos, not through a lack of talent, but for our love for shooting music videos and our passion to allow music video production to be available to all.

Engaging music videos are essential in communicating personality, purpose and can make or break a song and aid in the overall success of a track.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine that is focused on video content. Of all of the videos that are watched on YouTube per day, a staggering 5,000,000,000, 9 out of ten of the most-watched videos are music videos, so that gives you a scale.

Every market in the world has a saturation level, a level of competition and in music video production, the market is highly saturated, so yours has to stand out from the rest. 

That’s where music video production services come in handy, especially on a budget, we make dreams come true and have worked alongside established artists as well as new music artists.  

Each bespoke video that we produce is unique and tells a story that we work alongside you to create. Our stock music videos as well have heart and soul poured into them so that when you are starting out, your story can still be told. We give voice and presence to those with voices that need to be heard by the world.


Music Video Production London Services

Need help creating a music video?

We are a one stop shop for stock music videos and bespoke music video production London wide. A full-service music video production service based in London. We’ll help take your vision from concept to screen, providing hands-on assistance throughout. Our team have years of experience and will take care of all elements of video production.

Music video storyboarding and brainstorming is the creative part of video production that we thrive on. When our creative minds get to work, this is where the magic happens, when we shoot music videos, that is where the fun, the collaboration of improvisation and the bringing to life of dreams occurs.

We create compelling and impactful music videos that reflect the story of your song. We not only shoot music videos, but we help in the sourcing and securing of locations, advise on obtaining permits and all insurance is included in our pricing. From idea, right through to the final editing, our service lands you with the perfect finished product and our customers to this point have nothing but kind words to say and most are repeat customers, building these relationships is so important to us and many good friends have been made.


Projects We’ve Worked On

As one of the top companies specialising in video production, we’ve worked on a range of projects. While our base is between Belfast and London, our creative ability has sent us all over the world making music video production.

We love working with music artists and we’re available to offer support and guidance every step of the way. Some of the Bespoke video production London wide that we have worked on:


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