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Creating a music video is an exciting experience that can help aspiring musicians to get a head start in their music careers. Although you may think that creating a music video will have to be a million-dollar production, this is not the case. Today there is a range of technology out there that can help you to create a video with high quality without breaking your bank. Here are our top tips for making a music video that will stand out and capture your viewers attention.

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Less Is More

Within music video production today, it is clear to see that stars are taking on a less is more approach. When these minimal videos are done right, you will have your viewers’ attention from start to finish. Musicians are no longer focusing on Hollywood film style productions with a large number of extras, a big crew or expensive equipment.

Now you can create a video using minimal lighting, homemade props, and you can even shoot the video on your smartphone if you cannot access a video camera. When it comes to the editing process, there are a number of free video editing apps available where you can add basic edits to your video and still create high quality footage.


Camera Effects

When you are producing a music video, it is important to stand out as many music videos are following the same effects and edits and blending into the background. There are a number of effects that you can use throughout your music video to stand out. One of our favourites is the Bokeh camera look.

Bokeh is a Japanese term that is used by photographers and videographers around the world to describe the effect where the background of a photo is defocused and appears blurry. The bokeh effect has grown in popularity in music videos as producers can make unwanted objects less visible during the editing process. Whether you’re using a smartphone, a DSLR, or another type of video camera, this effect can easily be achieved.

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The Importance of Good Lighting

Did you know that there is a difference in the way our eyes perceive light compared to camera lenses? Cameras require more lighting to produce quality footage and the light also needs to come from the right direction.
When you are shooting a music video, you have the opportunity to get creative with your available equipment.

If you only have a small number of lights on your set, you can create professional looks through a number of clever techniques, including diffusion material, colour gels, or cookies, which are also known as cardboard cut outs that allow you to create different shapes from the lights. Remember not to shoot dark scenes if you are unsure how to set your camera lights correctly as you will be left with footage that will not look well.

It is also important not to forget the most well known light of them all, the sun. If you literally have no lights to work with on sets, we recommend shooting your video during an overcast day which will give you a low contrast look filled with warm tones.


Avoid Complicated Storylines When On A Budget

Just because your music video is being produced on a budget, it doesn’t mean that the storyline has to be compromised. When your video tells a good story, your viewers will be hooked and will want to watch until the end of the video to see how it ends. However storyline should be extremely simple when on a low budget. Here at budget music videos we avoid them unless we can give them the time and care they need. So it can be a storyline with one scene only and if using good actors it can create and capture the emotion and mood to compliment your song.

Now that you have read through the tips for shooting a music video, it is time to start your project. At Budget Music Video we believe that we can create a marketing video that will suit everyone’s budget.

We take pride in creating low-cost and high-quality music videos. To get an idea of how much the production of your music video will cost, fill out our instant quote calculator and we can help to bring your vision to reality.

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