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Making a music video isnt as big a deal as what it used to be anymore. It’s official that you can now make music videos in minutes, whether you are singing in the studio to your camera phone, or just creating content from stock footage online, there are many ways to create a stunning video to promote your song. 

How to edit a stock video

Recording Studio Video

Time is money in the music industry these days and independent musicians struggle to get the support to market their music with a glamorous music video. The most common trend on social media is filming yourself singing live, this is easy to do and is always really effective. This creates an emotional connection with your fans and enables them to see you be your true self and the talent you have. The best time to shoot this sort of video is while recording your vocals in the studio booth, killing two birds with one stone! Recording studios are always quite esthetic and the sound will be amazing too! If you can afford a camera operator to film some simple clips while you are recording vocals on a high quality camera, then you can clip these together very simply and BOOM, you have a professional music video without any planning, concepting, expensive lighting. Less is always more when you are financing yourself. 

Singing for family and friends

The reaction of friends and family when they hear your newly produced single is not one to be missed. This is an emotional style video that always works well. Just set the phone in the corner of the room and catch their reactions when you press play, this makes for the perfect social media content. 

Check out our stock music videos 

Online Music Video Maker

Too shy to be in your music video? Or are you just not good enough at camera phone operation? Then why not create something simple from online content. The benefits to this is the quality of stock footage is really high, so this will give you an edge and make you look professional when promoting your music to your fans. So what are your options:

Free Stock video footage: 

There are many free stock video websites on the internet that you can use. However you are limited to the clips and what you can use it for. The creators want to be credited and tagged and the clips can be quite random and non-specific. The clips can also not have the music video edge you are looking for. All the clips are only 10sec long, so you will need alot of clips to make up a 4min video. The final issue you will have is editing everything together, prepare yourself for a long journey here!

Cheap Music Video editing platforms:

There are very reasonable priced subscription style music video making websites available now including:

All these platforms are around a similar price and you have to sign up to use their services. The great thing about them is their editing facilities. You don’t need to download many clips and edit together. You can simply do everything online without the hassle of an external editing software. The software is fully automated and designed to be used by anyone. 

Ready Made Full Music Video Service:

If you want a low price but something that has a storyline or clever edit, then Budget Music Videos is for you. Our music videos are ready made, already edited, 4minutes in length and there is no heavy editing required. All you need to do is choose the video that best suits your genre or song story, upload your video, export and within a few minutes you have your file emailed to you. Hassle free, tech free and there are nearly 200 different videos to choose from. The content on the website is exclusive only to BMV and cannot be seen on any other stock video website. 

How to make a music video in minutes? 

Less is always more for social media, so short videos edited on your phone are perfect, but if you want something more professional for Youtube or TV, then consider a stock video online that you can make from the comfort of your home. The more professional your image the more your fans will appreciate your music. 

Make a music video now!

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