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Online Music Video Making Tool

The digital world is growing at a very fast pace and with that there is an abundance of support for musicians. Access to a wide range of different tools for musicians allows them to release music independently without the need for a record label. There are tools for everything including making music, marketing music, releasing music and now for making the music video. Many artists have chosen to use lyric music videos and even not appear in their music videos. Artists including Ed sheeran and Coldplay have identified that content is king and it is not always about the musician singing the song. So whether you are starting out in the music industry, or you are camera shy, then making a music video online might be the best option. 

Music Video Maker

Why Create a Music Video Online?

  1. Budget: this is always a major concern for musicians. It is more important to have a really good track and investment in a good marketing plan, but costs need to be cut somewhere. Making a video online using stock footage will enable a band to make multiple pieces of content to promote one song. You could have different content on different social media platforms to create interest and intrigue to your fans. The type of content you create for Tiktok will completely differentiate from the video you will create for Youtube. Creating a music video online could cost anywhere from Free to £500 depending on the platform you use. 
  2. Time: Producing a bespoke music video from scratch can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6months depending on concept and budget involved. If you are a DIY musician, then you might prefer to make your own video using a camera phone. This is also extremely efficient, however the quality of the video you produce yourself might not be up to a professional standard. At least if you use an online music video making tool, you get access to professional stock footage. Editing can also be a time consuming element if you are a novice. 
  3. Quality: Believe it or not but stock video footage is extremely high quality without the expense. If you use a standard stock video website you will only be able to get 10 sec clips. However, if you use a music video maker website like ‘Budget Music Videos’ then you can get ready made 4minutes music videos to download and use in minutes. The videos are not only high quality but they have storylines, characters and a little charisma if you want something unique. 


Music Video Maker

How to Make A Music Video Online?

  1. Before you start scrolling the internet, its good to know what your expectations are. Decide what type of video you want, including the style, concept and message. Once you know this then its easier to start looking for the correct content for your music video. 
  2. Search for the right stock video footage. There are many platforms out there that offer free, cheap and expensive footage, so once you start looking make a note of the cost. Downloading several 10 sec clips for your music video could cost you thousands. However a website like ‘Budget Music Videos’ offers ready made edited 4 minute long content, which saves time and money. 
  3. If you decide you want to edit the music video yourself, it is best to either use a platform with editing facilities as the cost of downloading an editing software might be a stretch too far for your budget. Most phones have a free video editing app already installed so this might be an option when you are starting out. 
How to edit a stock music video

There are so many elements to learn when you become an independent musician. Searching for accessible and straightforward tools to assist your journey will be a step in the right direction. Start with music video making tools online for visuals and content and you will achieve the professional look you are striving for. 

Thanks for reading! Loraa White

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