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A little story

About Us.

Who we are

Just Some Dreamers

Music Video Markeplace was founded by award winning music video director Loraa White. Loraa started making music videos for herself as a hobbyist musician, which led into making music videos for independent artists in 2011. In 2013 Loraa started her own production company called ‘Budget Music Videos’. Over the course of the next ten years, we have embarked on an impressive journey, completing over 1200 music video productions. Music Video Marketplace is designed to empower record labels and artists by offering them access to a diverse pool of content. Our large database of music video creators allows us to produce content quickly and efficiently without the high production cost to the end user.

What we do

Dreaming Everyday

We enable record labels and musicians to CREATE multiple types of video content online. It’s fast, cost effective and increases song release success rates. Our mission is to ensure that every song released has a visual for marketing, advertising and promotion for all artists in order to compete in the music industry. We understand the time and skills it takes to create a song and we want to make the video creation part as easy and accessible as possible. This is why we built the worlds first music video stock database. No editing skills required!

Why choose us?

Because We Are Dreamers

Music Video Marketplace prides itself on being a platform built by creators, for creators. Creators from various artistic disciplines can join Music Video Marketplace and utilize their skills to generate income through video sales. This means that not only established professionals but also emerging talents can find opportunities to showcase their abilities and earn commission. This emphasis on creativity and collaboration sets the foundation for a vibrant and dynamic community within the platform. The strength of Music Video Marketplace lies in its ever-expanding database. As more creators join the platform, the network of talent grows, offering musicians an increasing array of options and choices.

We also offer an affiliate community on our platform. By referring music video marketplace, anyone can become an affiliate and start earning commissions from their referrals. Whether you are an influencer, a creator or even a musician, you can earn commissions from introducing customers to our website. Sign up in minutes and get started!

Get to know

Our Team

Loraa White

Company Director

Jacques Ball

Web Designer/Developer

Patrick Hughes


Judith Armstrong

Creative Director

Natalia Segura


Bahia Ayos

Content Creator

This is a community

Built for creators, by creators

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